The call for submissions for the OhioDance Showcase are due January 5, 2011.

To apply, submit a portfolio received by January 5, 2011
that includes the following:
1. A press kit including a brief description and history of the
organization or
a bio of the artist(s) that lists artistic accomplishments; recent
performances; a description of the group/artist’s creative process, the
choreographer’s resume or bio; and a publicity photo. (A brochure may
serve as documentation, if one is available).
2. A sample DVD (4 copies of DVD) of artistic work to be performed. This
be accompanied by an information sheet noting the dance title,
choreographer name, music, dancers names, length, and brief description of
how this dance is representative of the artists’ work. (The DVD may be a
rehearsal DVD) Please consider the quality of your DVD including lighting,
visibility, clutter and overuse of special effects.
3. An application fee of $35 for OhioDance members, $40 for non-members.
This is a non-refundable application

please contact Jane D’Angelo by phone at 614-224-2913 or by email at Or visit the OhioDance website at:

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